One day in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Wine. Love. Tuscany. Food. Art. Vespa. is Italy. Even the film clan believe that Italy is distinctly attractive for every one thing that they want to convey to the audience, the scene so effortless but robustly reach and remains on all our minds. If you have the sudden urge to watch one of them then here are a few : Letters to Juliet, Under the Tuscan Sun, My house in Umbria and I could go on.

Do you see? I just got carried away and we just spoke about a whole bunch of shenanigans out of topic. This is what Italy does to you, think about one element and it takes you to another and then another and it goes on.Well, this is a good thing, you don’t have to spend an entire day planning. Just leave it to the city.While some of us are inspired by movies and books, to me – its the photographs that make me want to visit a place. That’s how I found a beautiful night landscape of Positano and started dreaming of being there. Within a couple of weeks, we end up right there in a similar spot but during the day light.

Amalfi Coast, on the Southern part of Italy, is glorious with its large bound Ocean, so vast that apart from the waters, while you are on the sailboat, all you can see is just a bunch of other people who are wondering  the same as you. As we get closer, the mountains open to these gorgeous set of houses built one above the other. Our’ breathtaking’ senses choked when we set foot on the coast, only because of the slightest of the confusion about what to do next, for no other reason but only because we were so tight on the schedule that our brain did not act as a pundit, it was the stress  that eventually made us an ultimate zombie. Basically we did not plan on things – to – see in Amalfi.

We went on to explore Amalfi with a gear after some soulful food. Go higher the hill and look from above, you will see the ocean curve to a hemicycle – stand by the edges where you can feel the coolness of the waters and warmth of the sun at the same time. Because kidding not, their relationship here is a fine feather.

While we wondered around and asked the locals on what can we see around. we were told about a place called Furore. We took tickets and grabbed onto the bus heading to Furore. After a few minutes, the bus stops at Furore, and not surprising, we  missed the Furore stop and went higher to Agerola. It was for the good. I had my first and one of the best Gelato – ‘the’ scrumptious hazelnut flavor.

However, we chose to walk back  to the base of the coast by the end of the day sipping away the last few blissful moments of  what you call three winks.

Disclaimer: If you are confused about Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast, don’t be. I would suggest to try both.

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