The Story of my Buddha

The painting is from one of my theme “world filled with colors”. The concept totally goes akin with everything you can think off while painting  a Buddha. What I mean is, if you observe the detailing done in countries such as Nepal, Tibet,India(Ladakh), you will notice the intensity of colors every nook and corner. One example I can best think of is the Buddhist flag which pretty much has all the major colors on each leaflets.

Coming to the question, Have you noticed why a lot of artists paint ‘n’ number of Buddhas of every kind- various colors,  various themes, different kinds of holy images of Buddha? Mind you, this does not apply only to paintings but also to any form of art like sculptures and clay modelling.  If you quite have a mind like mine, then the appearance of the legend is a complete exaggeration or rather just an imagination.Not many of us know how Buddha precisely looked and we blindly choose to believe what we see of him as statues, paintings and what authors want us to conclude.

Truth be told, at a young age of mine, the first painting I may have seen of Buddha and got inspired was a split-face Buddha created by my sister (I understood it was an ‘inspiration’ from the incident that is mentioned below). The white highlight brush strokes falling from the eyes accentuates the lighting and the tones of purplish-maroon faced buddha were a sense of revelation to anyone who saw it.

Buddha by Sheetal

Having said much, I would like to tell you that I love painting, reading, buying souvenirs, “all -of- buddha”. Now, this reminds me of my first sculpture class a few years back where I put my hands into molding anything I could ( I meant clay) and the Lebanese tutor gawks at the way I use my stone chisel to chop off the unwanted clay off my ‘so called clay face’ (a standard face with all the features made out of clay, was what I was asked to do the first class to get the precision right) for a bit and then asks me

” What is the one thing that you would keep structuring until you get it perfect” (he thought I was going to give up on the ‘face’)

I, like usual, had an instant answer, and an obvious one to you by now,

“Buddha, I would like to create a buddha someday through this clay, and after this, through a stone”

Quite clear from his twirling eyes and a still face, he was not much a fan.

Although, heaps of reading and practice proved to me that painting gives you an equal sense of joy and achievement.

Over the years, Buddha is mostly been portrayed in various images conveying a meaning to each like seen in Gal Viharaya in ancient city of Polounoruwa, Sri Lanka

a) He is seated in a lotus position with his hands poised over his lap, this symbolizes his enlightenment

b) He is seated while raising his right hand and his left hand on his lap, this indicates teaching dharma

c) His lying down/reclining position symbolizing his entry in parinirvana, in short it indicates his fulfillment in wisdom and finally is at a state of tranquility.

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The story of my painting:

I have worked my self- imagination in my painting of Buddha in such a way that it does not indicate only one particular idea in terms of the position of Buddha. Perhaps in this painting, I would like to give an impression to my viewers that Buddha is either in the midst of enlightenment or teaching dharma but vague in precision.To be elaborate, the face and slightly opened eyes with a glimpse of smile portrays his innermost peace and love for humankind. The prayers circled around the face of Buddha is something -like an exaggeration of it being a prayer wheel that rotates around the buddha’s head, simultaneously portrays the idea that he constantly continues to chant his mantras on his mind. The indication of the tree that flows from one side to the other through Buddha is that nature is inevitable and irrespective of how unforeseen or unstable it is, it does not stop Buddha from doing his chants and is not sensitive to any carnage in his surroundings to distract his pacification.

What’s so special about this artwork?

My works are mostly travel- inspired. I get inspired by the colors, designs and texture. Compliments to the knack of my observation skills.

If you like to buy the painting, it is available on my etsy shop, for worldwide orders: BUY now in the link below

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