Hiking Up the Batu Cave, Kuala Lampur

Batu Cave
Batu Cave

Coming from a city full of skyscrapers – like Dubai, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Kuala Lampur, the tropical capital of Malaysia, also known for its high rise buildings, vibrant nightlife and iconic shopping malls.

Last month was quite stressful. A vacation with the family was long pending and when it was finally happening, one of our passports were expiring within 6 months. This led to a return drive from the airport, and cancellation of many hotel bookings and flight bookings in Penang. Lesson learnt.

Re-booked out tickets to Kuala Lampur for this month

Batu Cave is one of the tourist attractions for most of us visiting Kuala Lampur at a city called Selangor north of Kuala Lampur, the capital of Malaysia. When you read that Batu cave is a ‘Hindu temple’, Many would think a twice if it’s only for the worshipers but once you explore this cave and would realize that this is a destination nobody should miss in Malaysia

I understood this when I visited Malaysia with my family in the month of March, 2010. The main attraction here is the large statue of the golden colored Hindu god at the entrance and 200 + steps climb to get a fabulous view of the city Centre. This  thought crossed my mind when I visited the Dambulla Cave temple in Sri Lanka, a similarly created structure except for this one it was the large statue of  Buddha‘s at the entrance.

While I did not feel the tiresome hiking up, thanks to the monkeys sprinting around expecting to be photographed and observed in its playful nature. And you would not be spared as well if you are carrying any refreshments for yourself, the monkeys would start pouncing on you.

It’s during the Thaipusam festival (Tamil festival)  in Jan- Feb, that worshipers troop around the batu cave celebrating thanksgiving to Lord Murugan.A festival not only celebrated by Malaysian Hindu community but also worshipers from India and other places. The name ’Batu’  is taken from the village closeby and also from the river that flows past the hill.

History says that the cave dates back to 400 million years and it was an Indian Thamboosamy Pillai who bought about the sketch of the temple cave through the statue of Lord Murugan. Structure wise, the Batu cave has three caves, one for which I climbed the steps, the other is the museum cave and the art gallery cave which is at the base of the hills and portrays beautiful hindu statues and paintings.

200 + steps climb to the cave
200 + steps climb to the cave
Batu Caves
Large statue of Lord Murugan at Batu Cave

Batu cave hills

Inside batu cave
Inside batu cave

batu cave3

batu cave4

Insid the cave1

Inside batu cave

malaysia 2010

skyline city centre from atop

Sunlite batu cave

temple cave batu

Batu Cave
Batu Cave

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