Love at First Sight in Pangong Tso

The Pangong Tso is one of the most incredible sights one can see in his/her life. The view of the snow capped mountains reflecting off of the turquoise blue waters borders fantasy!

As a “biker” in India, the Ladakh motorcycle trip is the epitome of a rider’s metal. And if there is one place in this truly paradise on earth that deserves the title of being the most memorable, it is undoubtedly Pangong.

But riding through some of the most dangerous terrain in the world has its own pitfalls, fatigue being one of the major ones. So on reaching a place like Pangong you find yourself yearning for a bit of shut eye rather than going ‘shutter eye’ all over the landscape. The extreme cold means that you close out all possible vents through which air can sneak in and soon you find yourself trying to sleep under a pile of blankets. Some unfortunate ones have to live through the horrors of Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) as well.
So the next morning you wake up with a stifling sensation in your chest with all the heavy bedding and the air tight tent, just making you want to run out into the open. But the knowledge of the freezing weather makes you apprehensive to venture out. Yet the call of the blue water is too strong and you find yourself dying to have another peek at it, just to make sure it wasnt a dream, if not anything else. So you open the tent zipper and gingerly walk out. And that’s when you draw that first big breath of fresh air. The chill in it just tingles your body and that soothing earthly smell just rejuvenates you completely! This when combined with the spectacular view of the Pangong lake bathed in morning sun truly makes you feel alive and ready to go!

This absolutely gorgeous post is written by a stouthearted biker and my Partner In Crime – Vishnu . The ride through one of the world’s most dangerous roads ( Manali -Leh) on a motorcycle has been one of our extraordinary junket together.

Pangong Tso & I

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