Shortlisted for Tripoto/Airbnb travel contest and Need your help

A Balinese local stopped by for a chit chat - Feel- good factor during travels
A Balinese local stopped by for a chit chat - Feel- good factor during travels

Update: We won the Tripoto contest. Yay

Sometimes, you just have to let the universe make the decision. When you do things with confidence and a positive attitude, there sure is no looking back.

It’s these contests based on Travel that motivate travelers like us to not lose hope. When you wake up one morning, open your email expecting a junk of job recommendations and spam, your heart begin to pound when you see an email that says “Congratulations, you have won this contest”. To be honest, I’m not sure on how it feels because I have never won a contest.

We have traveled all the countries with our hard-earned money and savings from months inclusive of restricting ourselves from shopping, eating out and pubs. Besides, constantly consoling ourselves that Travel is not only for the rich, it is possible to conquer the world if you have the faith, will power and mainly the passion.

We are shortlisted as one among top 10 for our very first contest – “Get paid to Travel”. This is exciting because the winner gets vouchers for Airbnb.

Why we entered the contest?

Airbnb acts as a intermediary between hosts and guests. From all the countries I have been to, I preferred homestays compared to hotels. Most often than not, many homestays charge as much as a 3 star hotel. But the reason I still choose the former is because it gives an edge to quality travel. Seeing the world from a local’s eye is the best story you can write. You could spend hours talking to them on diverse subjects such as off beaten path, history, politics and more. Moreover, with great people comes great memories. So winning the contest would extend our chances of travelling the way we like – the local way.

A Balinese local stopped by for a chit chat - Feel- good factor during travels
A Balinese local stopped by for a chit chat – Feel- good factor during travels

Why we should win this?

Tripoto brings out this awesome contest in partnership with Airbnb. The entry was to write about “My perfect day in a city”. Our entry was how well we spent our day in the magical city of “Ubud”. You could read our entry here on Eat, Pray, Loving it in Ubud , to know for yourself if we deserve to win.

Although, we are shortlisted among top 10, a few ‘likes’ would help us to win the contest with just one simple step

Visit this link and click LIKE

Each of your likes would help us create new stories from our travels. It’s not a luxury. It’s our reason to show the world that we care about the little things not about personal daily chores, but of lands that are remote and of people unknown.

If  you would like to experience a local living too, sign up with Airbnb through this link to get a $25 off on your stay. Yay! Do it now.

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