Cheapest Way to Get Around Bangalore: Hail a Cab


Let’s be honest, what we all want is to know the cheapest way to get around Bangalore city. Whether you’re in the city to pursue your higher studies, to work, retired, or just visiting, it’s no doubt you would want a safe and reliable cab service in Bangalore.

Since I have been living in the city for over a year – it’s a base city from where I mostly travel to other parts of the world. So cabs are the best bet to help me get around the city and to and from Kempegowda International Airport. From the airport, you’ll also find the green air-conditioning buses that will take you to the city center but is not cheap – charges approx. ₹ 300 per person and can increase depending on the area you’d want to be dropped. Rickshaws charge about 25 km for the first two Kms and 13/Km onwards. It is not advisable to take rickshaws for long trips as they demand extra. Here are some rides you’d want to try.

Uber is the most famous cab service around the world but the service has been largely picking up in Bangalore only since recent times. Within a click, your cab will arrive just in time or even earlier than you’d expect. On our return flight from Bhutan, we requested a cab through the App soon as we landed, only to realize the cab has already arrived by the time we were done with baggage claim. Personally, it has proved to be reliable on last-minute bookings.

Ola Cabs
Ola Cabs are metered taxis that have discounts for first sign ups. Booking for Ola cab service near Bangalore can be done through the App, website or call. The good news is that along with taxi service, Ola group has also started Ola autos that can also be booked online. Although it sounds more convenient, I’m yet to personally experience the difference between the two in terms of its comfort, the rates and most importantly if these can manage to reach out to last-minute customers.

Meru Cabs
Meru Cabs is another reliable taxi service in Bangalore. With bright pink bumpers and branding stickers, Meru has launched Meru Eve, driven by female drivers, exclusively for female passengers. This is ideal for solo female travelers and women who work till wee hours.

How to Hail a Cab in Bangalore


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The only way you can hail a cab (not literally) in Bangalore is by phone or booking a ride through the App. Many travelers often get cheated by taxi drivers but with meter taxis in Bangalore, there is less worry. That said, you’d still want to be transparent about the approximate rates to your final destination. With cab companies thriving to provide better service, the locals and travelers use these cabs for sightseeing as well as for outstation trips.

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  1. Thanks for writing this article, Shilpa. I didn’t know that so many different taxi services existed. Maybe I should visit Bangalore; it seems like I would fit in there! I’m not very good at whistling, so it’s difficult for me to hail a cab in New York. I’m glad that Bangalore has an online service for customers—that makes it much easier! Thanks for sharing this with us!

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