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After a great backpacking experience across Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia, I’ve never looked back at any other ways to travel. Backpacking is not just about finding cheap means to explore the world; the adventure and the freedom that comes along with it is highly addictive. It all began back in the 14th century at the time when travelling with a mere idea of a journey’s end was more of a necessity and not fulfilling one’s goal to conquer the world.


Planning a backpacking trip involves a great deal of research – from cheap accommodations to commuting means to affordable eat outs to attractions. What if you had all of these details planned by a tour company, who simply understands the need for a backpacker to be independent? The Backpacker Co (TBC) is a blessing for all those dreamers who have always wanted to travel but failed to understand the A’s and B’s of planning a trip.

Why Travel with The Backpacker Co?

As intrepid travelers, owners Yogi and Suchna have had their own share of experiences in backpacking, as they believe in the art of exploring the off beat side of a city rather than choosing the well-trodden path. That said, the team has collectively introduced itineraries based on the preferences of the travellers, while retaining the budget and time requirements. With an aim of being India’s first experiential travel company, the Mumbai-based TBC has gone a long way since its start in 2004.

Unlike other tour companies that take you around the city in a little van full of people, The Backpacker Co allows the freedom to travel like a local by making use of public transportation to get around the city. This means you can hop on and hop off at your own pace. While you learn to be a local, you will not find a reason to miss any of the alluring restaurants, cafes and markets where the locals hang out. The company will also advice you on days you can visit museums for free to save up on those extra bucks.


Imagine flying to the land of the Eiffel and Louvre followed by a stroll by the Seine, exploring the famous Las Ramblas Street in Barcelona, walking through the narrow alley ways of Florence while you wait for a ride to Chianti vineyard on a Vespa, and striking a pose in front of the Colosseum in Rome – you can’t possibly experience all of this without backpacking through Europe.


Though the tourism growth increase by 3.8% on an average every year, it is safe to say that one of the reasons about 40% of the people with a travel bug isn’t included in this stats is because of their fear to travel alone. The Backpacker’s Co has taken such issues into consideration through their Girlfriend Getaways program by assuring that all their groups, especially women, stay in ‘women only floors’ at hostels in safe neighbourhoods.

What are their Upcoming Trips?

Whether you’d like to backpack Turkey on a Budget or head to a big fat Greek Holiday, you just have to pack your bags and get going to begin an epic backpacking adventure.

If you’ve a few extra holidays, sign up for the Scandic Baltic Adventure that will take you across three Baltic countries, including Sweden and Finland, in a beat but of course the journey itself is extensive. The itinerary is framed in such a way that your day begins with an informative walk around the city center in Helsinki, followed by a Finnish sauna the next morning before heading out for some sightseeing.

Photo Credits: Miradortigre

Take an overnight cruise to Stockholm while you sample some good food as you sail along the Baltic Sea. In Stockholm, you’ll explore the islands and museums on a bike. Later, head to Riga on cruise liner and over to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to be mesmerised by the historic castles and the Baltic food.

Photo Credits: LenDog64

As the time nears, every beer lover and travelers alike would love to witness one of the most happening event in the world – the Oktoberfest. While you’re here, enjoy Munich’s world class museums and historic sites. Let TBC plan your trip as you’ll be seated in one of the best tents at the Oktoberfest, while you enjoy a litre of Bavarian Beer included in your reservation.

The carefully compiled tour itineraries will make you want to save some money and travel soon. so what are you waiting for?

This is a sponsored post for The Backpacker Co

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