Are you an idealist (visionary mind) or a realist?

” Mahoganies that give way to open thoughts and life to dead minds” – by me

Its quite irrelevant that the populace are in the conceptual mind that a realist cannot be a star-gazer. Well, its the vivid imagination that gives a non- idealist the zest of life and the urge to hope, in a mundane routine.

As Picasso impeccably quotes “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, A clear Utopian, who believed that everything that is imagined can be real.
You see, the pattern of a human brain works in a profound manner, the right side of the brain controls the left side or vice-versa , simply bridging no gap amongst the aesthetic and a realist.

A hidden secret to the sentiments of a dreamer is that he creates inferences for few seconds, anticipates them for few days, explores them for weeks, thinks bout it for few months, and shares his thoughts, inspires himself and others for a lifetime

Most often than not, its a unfair game that most people manage to wait for an opportunity to captivate their dreams and a so-called bucket list, the trick to this is all about a ‘yes’ and just a courageous nod to wanting an extraordinary way of living, and as magic as it may sound the universe would bring them all closer at a lightning speed.

A traveler defines as a person who journeys, could be an artist – be – it musicians, actors, painters, sculptors and more, a traveler,a sportsmen, a biker, a fashion fiesta, truly live their life by realizing the immensity of their existence and reinventing themselves everyday, in two words – life travelers

On the contrary, the thing to having such a mind act is that it could be an addiction, the on going pact of looking ahead to more, the looped no-concern for sacrifices,the self- confidence of creating something,a disregard to the precised no’s of the elders, a no – worry about having no – money, all in all only to believe in the immense thirst to follow one’s bliss and passion, for its just ONE LIFE.

This gives a thought to my personal inference, With only AED 6k  in my account and with the intention of asking no money from my folks, I once straightened my backbone and walked up to my mother and ‘asked’ (like a goody daughter) if I could fly to Srilanka alone, and the answer was a forthright NO irrespective of the following dramas i created at home. But my yearning for what i was looking for hadn’t stopped there. I continued the respective theoretical acts for the rest of the months only to explore new places on google and act upon it .Not-to-my revelation i turned out to be an entertainer to my family :P. But all in vain, it all worked right through my gut instinct. Nevertheless  they have learnt my passion for it and now encourages me to take far rides:) .. 

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