Stunning Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Italy


Coming from a humid desert land, walking on an amazing dull cold weather was just what i was looking forward to on this Italy trip, in fact it is one of the main things that excites me when i think about travelling. And today was one such day where i had much time in my hand to wander about aimlessly without having to rush to a train, without having to hide from the sun to avoid the migraines and so on. Most differently, It was one such day where i was wandering solo, giving me essential  time and space to find the artistry in all of Italy’s finest artists that i have read and learnt about.

Roaming about Florence was a breathtaking experience in spite of its way too narrow roads, the tiny bus no C2 that carried almost all of Florence locals and the tourists too, if that wasn’t enough. But all in all the situation was quite agreeable, considering the even more narrow roads towards the Duomo and other tourist areas next to it. My destination today was to Piazza Michelangelo.

A decent bus journey time of 30 mintues from Via di Novoli(bus no22) to the train station Santa Maria Novella(SMN) to Piazza Michelangelo(bus no13). A few tourist spots on the way is definitely a must see such as the Boboli gardens and the Pitti Palace.

Having the bus stop in its last station at Piazza Michelangelo hills, few hot dog stalls, souvenir crawlers around the area, people having their drinks sip by sip, stunning view of Florence with Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, standing out afar as its specialty.The much talked biblical hero Davids statue (sculptured by Michelangelo) facing the view adds a tone of renaissance to the ambiance. Just incase you are wondering how to get to the Duomo from here, there is a walking route from Piazza Michelangelo leading downwards  towards the famous ponte Vecchio bridge and towards the most famous and tourist roads of Florence(Read more on Florence on my blog).

The complete brownish-red view looked spectacular during the sunset adding to it a tint of orange shadows (I’m not exaggerating). And this is when I realized that this is definitely a place i would come back and relive.

I spent 5 hours enjoying the calmth and serenity on the hilltop with gushes of breeze as it got darker, until my company joined me for a dinner at the restaurant just below the Michelangelo terrace at the hill top towards the left.

Nothing more serene as dinner and a glass of Chianti wine with a splendid view followed by a gelato;).


View from Piazza MIchelangelo hill top
Michelangelo’s David
scene on the way downwards towards the Duomo
Road downwards towards Duomo
Florence sunset view from Piazza Michelangelo hilltop
Ponte Vecchio bridge from top
A must-restaurant to wine and dine with a spectacular view
A must restaurant to wine and dine with a spectacular view
Sunset haywire on Piazza MIchelangelo hilltop
4 way street

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