New York’s Top 7 Getaways

It is no doubt that every New Yorker wants to head out of the city during their national holidays.  From wine trails, eclectic accommodation and restaurants to cultural hubs, vacationers will find a whole new world outside NYC’s borders. With so much to see and do, you’ll surely want to invest your time planning a day trip or an extended vacation away from the bustling city. Here are some of the top 7 getaways from New York City.

1. Stay at the Mohonk Mountain House

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If you prefer a quality accommodation experience during your vacation, stay at the Mohonk Mountain House. Located about 90 miles from New York City, the resort is perched along the banks of Lake Mohonk in Hudson Valley. Unlike hotels in New York City, Mohonk offers plenty of complimentary activities perfect for those who love a good outdoor space – along with Victoria-style guest rooms and sweeping views. Some of the activities include boating on Lake Mohonk, nature hikes, and yoga and fitness classes.

2. Go Cave Diving at the Howe Caverns

Howe Caverns is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York. Named after the farmer Lester Howe, the cave was discovered in 1842 when Howe dug a hole that constantly spewed cool breeze. Sign up for an 80-minute tour that takes visitors through the elevator till the end of Lake of Venus.

3. Hike the Mountain Summit at Bear Mountain State Park

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Explore the Bear Mountain State Park in a day’s trip, while visiting attractions along the path. If you like to learn about the areas flora and fauna, head to Trailside Museums and Zoo. Later, enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding areas from the top of the mountain’s summit. Grab a bite from Bear Mountain Inn before you head back to New York City.

4.Sightseeing at Cold Spring

Sitting on a scenic stretch along the Hudson River, Cold Spring is only about 50 miles from NYC. There is no better place to find antique treasures than at the Main Street in Cold Spring. Buy a few souvenirs from downtown gallery and Cold Spring Antiques Center. Also, be sure to hike the Breakneck Ridge Trail at the Hudson Highlands to enjoy beautiful vistas of the valley.

5.Visit the Berkshire Mountains

Explore the rolling hills, mountains and meadows of the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. If you like to visit a city filled with art, music and dance festivals, then the best time to visit Berkshire is from May through November.

6.Wine Tasting at North Fork, Long Island

With farm-to-table cuisine to interesting inns, you’ll find plenty of roadside farms selling freshly picked fruits and vegetables. The winery is not the only crowning glory; historic white churches, bays, and beaches are some of the other highlights.

7. Sailing Around Newport, Rhode Island

If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, take a sailing excursion on Adirondack II. The boat will sail around Newport and Narragansett Bay, while you enjoy the reasonably priced beverages including wine and beer available on board.

Have you been to any of these interesting getaways? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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