Small Laundry Room Ideas – The Reveal

Laundry Room Renovation

Back in the day, laundry rooms were one of the most ignored rooms in the house. Now, it’s one of the most trendiest spaces. Why wouldn’t it be, there is so much potential in a tiny space where you spend atleast an hour every other day doing one of the most important chores. Some key factors we kept in mind while designing our small laundry renovation was organisation, storage and functionality. My small laundry room ideas started with first planning an efficient space without the need of a top loader washer and a sink. My first inspiration was the Ikea laundry rooms but more on that later in this post. I have also included some before and after of our laundry room , I mean who doesn’t like a before and after. Right?

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Rewinding a bit in time, we divided our old large laundry space that had a little powder room to make enough room for a 2nd full bathroom with a bath. Since its a 120 year old house, the powder room was a part of the house that was never renovated previously and thus was dark and dingy and was left unused for 6 months after our move. The laundry and the new bathroom needed a renovation at the same time so as to plan the layout and the materials used in terms of flooring and wall paints. Here is our laundry room reveal with some tips on how you could also use these ideas for your small laundry renovation including how you can keep your budgets on check like we did.

Below are some before Photos of the laundry/bathroom area in stages

Small laundry room renovation

Laundry room renovation before photo
Powder room wall is demolished and new frames are up


laundry room renovation
Original hardwood floors are being removed for plumbing + old exit door is closed and moved to the new laundry section.

Laundry Room Renovation before photos

Criteria’s For Laundry Room

To plan and design a laundry room space, some important criteria’s were counter space for sorting and folding clothes, hanging rack for wet towels, storage for organising laundry products and cleaning sticks like broom brush and mops. And our main goal was to accomodate all of this into a small space yet make it look modern, minimalist and sleek.

Since we already have a double massive farmhouse apron sink in our kitchen and a big sink in one of the bathrooms close by, we chose to remove the sink section from our old laundry as we never used it in the 6 months we had it, including the time from our rentals. So it was a conscious decision that we still don’t regret. I know this answers a lot of sink questions that many of you might have.

Small Laundry Renovation ideas
After Photo of the new laundry room


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Not having a sink gave us more options to move the laundry to a new location allowing the demolition of the powder room and the entry of a bigger 2nd bathroom.

The Plan And Build

Once we started the design plans for our small laundry renovation, more ideas kept pouring in for the bathroom as well. From brass tapware, marble feature wall to cabinets from Ikea. Stay tuned for a bathroom reveal soon.

For the build, we did the project management and hired specialist tradies like an electrician, plumber and a carpenter to work on specific tasks that we couldn’t do ourselves out of safety and I was 8 months pregnant. This not only kept a watch on the renovation costs but also gave us the freedom to brief based on our choice. It wasn’t easy managing the tradies though, we had to constantly keep calling them for an update. This meant weeks of no floors and walls in the middle of winter in Australia.

small laundry room renovation

Flooring Ideas For the Laundry Room

You can never go wrong with grey flooring. I initially didn’t have a design idea but I knew any kind of styling would go with grey tiles. So off we (the tiler) removed the old vinyl sheeting because nobody wants cheap floors in wet area. And then laid down the tiles after waterproofing. From here on most of it was DIY starting with waterproof painting on the walls, and adding trims.

Design And Layout of the Laundry

We removed and added an additional wall and moved exit doors to make sections for the laundry and bathroom by measuring the space required for our front load washing machine and a dryer. This gave us a tiny space to build a ceiling to floor cabinet. My research started from checking out small laundry rooms ideas in Ikea and Bunnings Australia.

Since the space is small and a cabinet size need to be customised, we catered to DIY-ing our laundry by getting the materials from different stores such as the benchtop from Ikea Australia, the panels for the cabinets from Bunnings Australia and the timber floating shelves also from Bunnings.

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Easy Craft Panels For the Small Laundry Room Wall

Easy Craft Panels are currently so popular in Australia. Also called shiplap or wood panelling for feature walls. The whole of our kitchen area had wood panelling which we painted white so to get that flow into the laundry, we added the Easy Craft Panels. It was so easy, just a matter of nailing a big sheet onto the wall. We then painted it with waterproof paint in white.

Small Laundry Ideas

DIY Laundry Cabinets And Other Things

Laundry Cabinets

The ceiling to floor DIY laundry cabinet that we (the husband) built has turned out so beautiful. While designing the door, I was keen on a shaker style door to flow in nicely with the kitchen shaker style cabinets. Also added feature is the kickboard to give a built-in look. Stay tuned for a blog post on how to DIY laundry cabinet.

One of the reasons that we preferred a tiny storage space in laundry was because of the massive storage space in our kitchen. So I just wanted it to hide the drain pipes and store tall brooms and mops, detergents and fabric conditioners.

Laundry Timber Hanging Rod

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Such a unique and clever idea to have a timber hanging rod which was also a DIY connecting a tiny piece of dowel to a long dowel. I normally this rail to hang slightly damp towels or ironed shirts and baby jackets to dry out. Note though that you definitely can not hang fully wet clothes as the timber could mould. We use the dryer a lot as the weather in Melbourne could be so unpredictable.

If you have any questions or any small laundry room ideas, leave them in the comments below.

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Small laundry room ideas

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