Instagram being handy on travel

As much of a descry it is, the term Instagram sounds akin to the word ‘Instamatic’, which sure does make one wonder if that is how the name was evolved.
The one substance I noticed the other day and a few times, is that even a western globetrotter move around clicking snapshots of landscapes and people, with an Instagram, which gives out the idea that the use of phones have much taken control over cameras in the name of social mediaAn innovation of a click with warmified texture effect and an instant upload sure wins the game.
Although, being a non-user myself, I couldn’t help but wonder if this App is seeking a real player in the market or for that matter a real user considering the unlimited snapshots one can take and the equal number of ‘unlimited’ instant uploads one can perform.

But like they say, the grass is not always green, a number of embeds on a web can leave ugly scars if they collapse, but whose to see this than Facebook that grabbed Instagram at an instant with the deal of a $1 billion in cash and stock and a plan to keep its service independently managed , leaving Twitter heart broken. No doubt, sentiments between Instagram and twitter would be an ongoing cry.

With a 100 million registered users, with the current rate its growing, and with hardly any state- of the – art competition, a question arises if Instagram would outpace facebook? Well, whatsoever and whosoever the winner, the application definitely seems like it does give an instalife to people.

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  1. says: Shoba

    Lovely post Shilpa. I do agree with you. These days people buy phones only after seeing the camera capabilities. The need to instantly share leads the way to a phone camera almost replacing the slr / ps ones!
    I Instagram too!


    1. says: satorisho

      Hi shoba, I tried Instagram couple of days back 😀 and i agree its quite handy for on the spot uploads but could be quite confusing for those who use both an instagram and a DSLR! Might need more than 2 hands in that case!

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