Hipmunk City Love: What's the Food Scene in Honolulu?

The food scene in Honolulu has changed over the past ten years. Plenty of food trucks and farmer markets are now taking their craft very seriously. Restaurants and cafes are also working on creating a top-notch Hawaiian ambience by serving diverse food options in every corner. Here’s some details for all those who seek a peek into Honolulu’s flourishing food scene.

Where can I Find the Best Coffee in Honolulu?

Hawaii has one of the best soil conditions for planting coffee. When in Honolulu, the most common name you’ll hear is the Kona coffee that comes in various caramel and nutty flavors. To taste a good cup of coffee, head to the Lion café on Kalani Street. The café has been around since 1864 and is an ideal spot for people looking for free Internet, although most coffee shops in Honolulu do offer free Wi-Fi. Another place to grab a delightful Hawaiian coffee is at Coffee Gallery, whose coffee is hand-roasted on the North Shore. If you’re looking for just a space to read and sip on some coffee with some gorgeous views of the marina, try Island Brew Coffeehouse for its signature crème de cacao.

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What is the Signature Local Dish in Honolulu?

Renowned restaurants like Maguro-Ya and Nico’s Pier 38 serve various dishes made from ahi (tuna). If you’re dining at any of these restaurants, ask for Maguro Iroiro and Furikake pan-seared ahi. Other popular restaurants include Roy’s Waikiki Beach, known for its roasted potato gnocchi and House Without a Key for its Hamakua mushrooms with rice. Another local favorite is The Pig and the Lady, whose aroma will take you all the way to Vietnam.

Is There any Local Dessert I Must Try?

One of the most talked about dessert in Honolulu is the cocoa puff from the Liliha Bakery. You’ll also find some baked cookies and pastries in Fendu Boulangerie located at Manoa Marketplace. If you’re staying in any of the Honolulu hotels like the Waikiki Resort Hotel or Queen Kapiolanion on the Kapahulu Avenue, the closest bakery is Leonard’s Bakery, who is famously known for their malasadas, a Portuguese doughnut without a hole.

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How’s Honolulu’s Nightlife?

You don’t need to visit a particular place to experience Honolulu’s vibrant nightlife. However, downtown Honolulu and Chinatown areas are bustling with events almost every day, especially on the first Friday of every month. You must sample some of Hawaii’s best beers at Koko Marina Pub, or a cocktail at T’s Bar at 53 By the Sea that offers sweeping views of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

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When you’re in Honolulu, don’t forget to visit the farmer’s market not only as an excuse to mingle with the locals but also to sample some of their native Hawaiian dishes. With restaurants consistently working on creating new culinary ideas, the locals and tourists can experience eclectic recipes inspired from around the world without the trouble of traveling too far.

Featured Image by Marie Galutira via Trover.com

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