Hipmunk City Love: Rediscovering Munich’s History

The first thought that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of Munich is Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival. But the capital of Bavaria plays host to a plethora of monuments that showcase the city’s rich history. Here is a list of historic attractions you must add to your Munich travel itinerary.


Image by David Bjorgen via Trover

When you’re in Munich, visit the famous Frauenkirche cathedral. Known for its splendid architecture, the cathedral is aesthetically designed as a Gothic church, and it is adorned with stunning works of art. The most prominent artworks there are a painting by Jan Polack and the wooden sculptures by Erasmus Grasser that are carved on the choir stalls. Though a part of the cathedral was destroyed during the Second World War, several restorations have helped to preserve its historic charm. You may be interested in checking out the legendary Devil’s Footprint. While you’re at the church, climb the 86 circular stairs to the elevator up for an incredible view of Munich’s downtown.

Augustiner- Bräu

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A trip to Munich is incomplete without sampling its signature drink — beer. And there is no better place to try your first sip than in Augustiner- Bräu, the oldest brewery in Munich. Started in 1328, Augustiner is listed as a historical monument. The Augustiner Beer is also popular in other German cities like Berlin.

Neuschwanstein Castle

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It’s worthwhile to make a day trip to the property that was an inspiration for Disney’s logo. Nestled above the Hohenschwangau village, Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th century Romanesque palace that was built as a residence for King Ludwig II. The castle makes a perfect postcard-like picture because of its breathtaking location on a cliff with a mountain backdrop, although take note that photography is not allowed inside the castle. Leave early to take a tour that lasts for about 40 minutes. Be sure to reserve tickets two days in advance, as the castle can get overcrowded during peak season.

Dachau Concentration Camp

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A visit to Dachau Concentration Camp will take you all the way back to the time when the Nazis set up camps to hold political prisoners. There are many tour companies that offer excursions, but you can easily do it on your own if you’re on a budget. Take a train from Munich Main Train Station and hop on a bus that stops at the entrance of the camp. It is advisable to book a room in any the hotels in Munich close to the Main Train Station to reduce travel time.

Olympic Area

Olympia_Munchen Image by Andy George via Trover

The 1972 Olympic games were held at the Olympic site, built on Munich’s former airport.  Take a ride to the top of the Olympic Tower to enjoy incredible views of the city and the Bavarian Alps.

Although a major part of Munich was damaged by the bombardments in World War II, many structures have been rebuilt to their former glory. Have you explored the historic side of Munich? Share your experience in the comments below.

Featured Image: David Bjorgen via Trover

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