Top 4 places to see in Nepal

The view from above - Nagarkot

The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind while visiting Nepal is how similar it is with India but as you stroll around the city, you will realise Nepal has a sense of enormous Asian feel of its own from its topi’s to its pagodas. Perhaps, the Nepali culture is a subject to be exclusively talked about. Nepal tops the list on a destination that caters the need for everybody. Medieval cities for those who love history, ample trekking routes for the hikers, Worlds most dangerous adventure sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, river rafting is found here. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, can easily pass off as a hippy trail, it’s a city that invites tourist’s from every nook and corner irrespective the interests. The crowded Thamel might be the first city for tourists to visit but for a traveler like me , I thrive joy in calm and remotely places.

Nepal offers all that a nature lover could ask for in a lifetime and no I’m not exaggerating, how can I be when Nepal homes one of the most magnificent mountains called Himalayas.
So here are some places that you should visit to enjoy Nepal off-the beaten path
Places you should visit in Nepal ( In a nutshell):

Kathmandu city

I personally do not prefer staying or spending too much time in Kathmandu since its one of the city that has way too many tourists. The pollution, the crowd, are not worth the little days you take off to travel looking for bliss. Although, a one day visit here might be worthwhile to visit its Durbar Squares, and beautiful monasteries.

Kathmandu valley
Kathmandu valley


Pokhara is about 50 m from Kathmandu west. A 6 hour bus journey or a one hour flight from Kathmandu Domestic Airport. Both ways, the view is extremely beautiful . I took the flight from Kathmandu domestic airport to Pokhara airport. While you are in the flight, you literally feel like the mountains are welcoming you with their warm greetings and a smile when the orange tint light up the mountains.A 2 day trip to Pokhara would be sufficient to see the whole of it, including the Phewa Lake, Shanti Stupa, the caves and museums, Shopping and eating out at the Lakeside street and while you are at it, you could see the Nepali dance.

While you are at Pokhara, Watch the splendid Annapurna Sunrise and make sure to grab a panoramic view of the entire range in your camera since a 360 degree view is for certain.

En route Pokhara from Kathmandu
En route Pokhara from Kathmandu
Nagarkot is one of my favorite, a must- visit if mountains are all what you want to see, eat and sleep . Situated at 3222 metres above sea level, sunrise here can only get prettier.  Unlike other commercial places, Nagarkot, an hours drive from Kathmandu, is located at the top of the hills with a  magnificent view of the mountains. The drive from the base to a stay up is one of the must do’s in Nepal. However, there is nothing much to see here apart from the drive up but I promise once you are up there, you might just want to stay back in your hotel and soak your senses in a view as serene as this pic.
Te view from above - Nagarkot


Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur also known as bhadgaon meaning ‘the city of devotees’ is known for its durbar square rich in art and architecture. It is 14 km from kathmandu city. if you like to visit the durbar square, be sure to research about this culturally influenced arena well in advance to avoid hiring a guide. My experience with the guide was not too good as he was trying to sell himself outside the durbar square. They walk you around missing out on a few durbar s and finally say that you have seen it all already. Stop by Bhaktapur on the way to Nagarkot or vice versa. Consider checking out the famous Thangka art School at the Durbar Square, since watching a monk paint is not a something you see everyday.

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