Because, Root Beer is Awesome: Here’s Where you Should Go to Get it

Refreshing Root Beer Float

Root beer floats may seem like icons of the past, but this delicious flavor combination is making a comeback at quirky and fun establishments around the world. Where will you be sampling the famous ice cream and root beer combo?

Ed’s Easy Diner: London, England

If you find yourself booking London hotels to experience life across the pond, head over to Ed’s Easy Diner for a taste of home. Ed’s root beer float is served up in a nostalgic setting that will give you an idea of what Londoners think of traditional American cuisine. You might have access to American food at home, but when can you try American food done by Brits?

Nantucket Pharmacy Lunch Counter: Nantucket, Massachusetts

Relive the days when root beer floats were commonplace at pharmacy lunch counters across the U.S. by heading to the Nantucket Pharmacy Lunch Counter. Yankee Magazine compares the pharmacy to a Norman Rockwell painting, so grabbing a root beer float there this summer lets you immerse yourself in the culture of the past. While you’re enjoying the nostalgia, book a stay in the charming Harborview Nantucket.

Homeport Eatery: Sitka, Alaska

There are plenty of reasons to visit Alaska: less crowded space, breathtaking pristine wildernesses, and the Homeport Eatery, which offers a top-notch root beer float. The small restaurant features a quaint interior with limited seating. The rustic setting lets you feel perfectly at home in the Alaskan restaurant.

Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen: Newtown, New South Wales

Featuring Cajun-inspired foods in the heart of Australia, Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen offers traditional Southern fare on the other side of the world. The grownup version of a root beer float is served here: Miss Peaches’ Rum and Raisin Root Beer Float is made with a unique molasses ice cream, as an alternative to the traditional vanilla.

Boomshack: Hong Kong, China

An ultra-cool, American-style food truck found in Hong Kong, Boomshack offers a root beer float in addition to traditional American offerings like burgers and tater tots. The float features a can of Mug root beer, manufactured by Pepsi. Book a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kongfor easy access to Boomshack during your stay.

National Root Beer Float Day is coming on August 6. While you can make your own float at home, or seek out a restaurant in your local area that makes this classic drink-slash-dessert, why not make an adventure of it?

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