How to Earn Money While Travelling with Zaldee App

Imagine a travel app that gives you the opportunity to make money while travelling. Apart from your regular job, you’ve the option of freelancing to make some extra bucks but it may not sound easy for everyone– it requires its own time and patience. What if you can make those extra bucks with just a few clicks? There is only one thing you need – A smartphone. According to emarketer, the number of smartphone users is going to exceed 2 billion by 2016, so why not make those little machines your partner for life right away.

With over 1,00,000 downloads, Zaldee( ) app has immensely grown since its release in late 2014. Zaldee is all about earning money while you travel, whether you’ve planned a leisure vacation 6 months from now or a business trip in the next 14 days. Zaldee app is also the ultimate solution for all those people who’ve been looking for a platform to send a package to another country, state or city through safe hands and at cheap rates. Basically, it’s a win-win solution for the traveler and the sender.

What Does the App Do?

Zaldee App is a marketplace where you can network and connect with travelers(traveling by Air, Train, Car or Bus) who can help deliver your package from anywhere in the world right at your doorstep, or maybe at a café where you as the sender and the traveler decide to meet and exchange a conversation. All you have to do is download Zaldee App available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It’s free!

After my BIG move to Australia, I was looking for numerous sources to urgently transport a puppy flight crate from United States to India – in order to fly her soon to Australia via Dubai. We posted a request on Zaldee App hoping to find a traveler heading to Bangalore from the US. This seemed like the most ideal option, as sending the crate through the traveler was much cheaper than the agencies shipping cost. Within two days, a traveler accepted our request. Though, we did not go ahead with the process, we were glad to see there were some great responses on our request. Even better surprise is the number of users travelling to your destination.

How it Works

The two parties – sender and traveler – can post their requirements by filling a form on the app. Any traveler who has extra baggage space can carry the requested package of the sender for a fee paid by the latter. The app does not support payment formalities between the two parties, which means the traveler and the sender mutually decide the payment method. However, while filling the request form, you can enter a minimum price irrespective of the weight. This ensures that a rate is agreed before accepting each other’s request.

What You Must Do

Download the App, available on Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (ios) and sign up with a complete profile including your photo. This builds the confidence among people interested in working with you.

Once you sign up, click Post and enter your details. If you’re a traveler who has a fixed itinerary on travelling to a city, state or country, fill those details along with the weight you’re willing to carry, and your departure date and arrival date – on the Traveler Carry Package Icon.

Zaldee App traveler details

If you’re a sender and want to send something, you can select a traveler who is traveling to the location where you want to send your package, fill in the details including the item you’d like to be delivered, pictures of what you want to send, weight etc. This information will give the traveler an idea about what he/she is expected to carry and deliver.In case you do not find any traveler going to the required destination, you can still submit your request/gig by tapping Post->Sender Send Package.

If a traveler posts a journey that matches your request, both parties will receive a notification.

Zaldee App travel search details

To search for a traveler , you can either enter destination location on home screen or, hit the Advance Search button and enter details to search for journeys that match your criteria.

Zaldee App destination details

Once you find the right match, hit Send Request. The parties can chat with each other from anywhere in the world through the app and find out more details. My favorite is the Chat option; it is convenient as well as safe. How safe you may ask? You can only chat with the party until the request is pending or declined, once the request is declined, this party can no longer contact you through the Chat invading your privacy.

The whole process is much simpler than it sounds, so open your App and follow these instructions as it is.

How Safe is carrying an Unknown Package to a Stranger

To ensure a safe journey for both the traveler and the sender, Zaldee App features Trust Shields that helps you trust a party based on 3 factors:

Contact – Every party must enter their email address, which is then authenticated by the Trust Shield. Your email address or other contact details are not shared with any other members, unless the request between the parties is accepted.

Social – You can link your profile either to Facebook or LinkedIn. Your number of friends will be listed if you link your Facebook but nothing that will intrude your privacy.

Recommendations – Before accepting requests, you can check on recommendations posted by other people.

The illuminated Trust shield act as confidence boosters that will help provide more information about the traveler and sender. In addition to this, the free Chat option will also help the parties feel comfortable enough to discuss details, allowing transparency. For some extra tips on personal safety and avoiding scams, Zaldee website has listed out some great pointers.

So what are you waiting for? Make use of that extra space to earn some money for your upcoming trip. Download Zaldee App right here: Android or iPhone.

This post is published in partnership with Zaldee App

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