Appreciating the Culture of Rhodes

Appreciating the Culture of Rhodes-1

Potential plans are in progress to rebuild the massive Colossus of Rhodes, which originally stood 98 feet high. Stand in a lighthouse 34 miles away (as you do!) and you’ll be able to see the statues towering over Rhodes. This new version would be big enough to actually house a whole museum inside. If you’re looking for cheap holidays and are planning for a getaway to Rhodes, here’s a guide to the cultural side of the island.

It Starts with an Acropolis 

A Greek island just wouldn’t be a Greek island without some sort of acropolis, let’s face it! Put your head down and graft your way up the 116 metre high rock and you’ll reach the Acropolis of Lindos. Twenty columns await your arrival, as does a long-range view of the coast that would make you happy to live the rest of your life up on that mountain just sitting and taking it all in, or taking snaps of it all. 


Source: Flickr

The Archaeological Museum 

Situated in Rhodes Town, this museum is a real draw, and rightly so! The treasures preserved in the museum range over a period of 7,000 years. Some of the main pieces include an elegant marble statue of Aphrodite from the 2nd century B.C., plus a reconstructed burial site which held both a helmeted warrior from 1700 B.C. and his horse. 

The Palace of the Grand Master Strong and imposing, with ramparts and 150 rooms, the Palace of the Grand Master is built at the highest point of Rhodes and acted as a citadel throughout the Byzantine era and period of the Knights of St John. However, an explosion in the cellars of the nearby Church of St John destroyed the palace, which was later rebuilt in the early 20th century. The palace now holds exhibitions and, from time to time, events. 

Appreciating the Culture of Rhodes-1

Source: Flickr

Knights Quarter 

In the Knights Quarter, you can visit the Avenue of Knights, which is where the nights themselves lived. These were divided by language in line with the origins of the knights themselves. Each knight was entrusted with protecting a section of the bastion. The homes of the knights were referred to as Inns. The Inn St John of Collachio was originally a church and had an underground passage that linked to the palace. 

In the quarter, you’ll also find the Modern Museum of Modern Greek Art. You’ll find the main exhibition at the New Art Gallery. This includes work by some of Greece’s most popular 20th century artists, such as Vasiliou Spiros and Gaitis Giannis. 

Rhodes is more than just a sunny Greek island. It’s an island full of cultural wonders. And when they rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes, there will be another wonder to add to its impressive collection. 

Images by tracy_the_astonishing and drdcuddy, used under Creative Commons licence

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